RoJean Loucks, harpist

RoJean Loucks is a Lindsborg, KS harpist who performs in north central Kansas, teaches, arranges, and composes music for the folk harp.

A Quiet Place


A Quiet Place


Contemplative solo harp for a peaceful background. Improvised in the recording studio; designed for maximum relaxation and stress and pain reduction.

The inspiration for this recording came from my therapeutic harp work. I discovered the value of music that has no predictable pattern, removing the listener's natural subconscious inclination to focus on melody.

Total time 69:57

Scroll down for audio samples of tunes.

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I’m listening to your wonderful CD as I clean out my office. It makes me feel calm when being calm seems not possible. — TH

Want you to know how much comfort your music brings to me. I listen often and sometimes do Tai Chi along with the music. — CA

Each track totals 10-12 minutes: