RoJean Loucks, harpist

RoJean Loucks is a Lindsborg, KS harpist who performs in north central Kansas, teaches, arranges, and composes music for the folk harp.


THE MYSTICAL SOUND of the harp wafting across the breeze drew me in. Strummed by a player accompanying her own singing, the music stopped me in curious fascination. And soon after, I encountered harp music being played for holiday shoppers; it moved me to tears. It was then I decided I needed to explore this instrument for myself.

It was the folk harp I sought–not an easy thing to find in the days before the internet. I finally spotted one in a children’s music catalog. When at last it arrived, I realized that all of my years playing piano and flute had not prepared me to even tune this instrument. Eventually I found a teacher (90 miles away) and my adventure truly began.

The harp has taken me to Norway, where I toured and performed with a group of harpers; to Canada and Ireland, where I gained instruction for teaching in the aural tradition; and accompanied me on a visit to Japan, where I shared music in elementary classrooms and calmed a fussy toddler in a home I was visiting. It has brought me joy, calmed my anxiety, and eased my sorrow. It has motivated me to teach others to play, and inspired me to compose and arrange music specifically for folk harp.

It has been my privilege to perform at weddings and memorial services, for hospital and hospice patients, at outdoor festivals and indoor banquets. I enjoy sharing the story of my harp journey along with the music I play.