RoJean Loucks, harpist

RoJean Loucks is a Lindsborg, KS harpist who performs in north central Kansas, teaches, arranges, and composes music for the folk harp.


Harp music creates a romantic elegance on your wedding day. I offer a repertoire of sacred, classical, Celtic, traditional, original compositions, or a combination of these. Click here for more information on choosing wedding music and other details.

Memorial Services

Harp music provides a calming and gentle presence for an emotionally heavy situation. You may contact me directly, or ask your funeral home staff to contact me for arrangements.

Background Music

A banquet, dinner party, art show opening, tea party or an open house are examples of events where harp provides background music for an added touch of class. Even when amplified, harp music remains in the background, allowing normal conversation levels for folks attending the event.

House Concert

Open your living room (or your front porch!) and invite a few friends and neighbors for an intimate concert. You might consider making it a potluck gathering, or offer desserts and drinks for guests.

Sunday Morning/Evening Worship

I  can provide music in any of the usual spots in a typical order of worship—prelude, offertory, anthem, special music, or postlude. I am also available to speak on either of the following topics: my faith journey with the harp; and/or the harp in scripture. Presentations include harp music and scripture interwoven with the narrative.

Retirement Home Mini Concert

Several area retirement homes hire me to provide regular half-hour mini harp concerts for residents. Repertoire is geared toward the season of the year, the specific month, or a requested theme.

Harp Workshops

Learn to Play the Harp. Hands-on discovery. A 2-3 hour interactive learning workshop; each participant is loaned a small harp and will be able to play a song on it by the end of the session.

Chord Comfort. Learn chord basics and variations; explore improvising on the harp.

Private Lessons

Interested in learning to play the harp? Contact me to schedule a complimentary no-obligation session to explore this potential for yourself. You will have a chance to talk about finding a harp to rent/buy, your own best learning style, and frequency of lessons, plus any other related questions you may have.