RoJean Loucks, harpist

RoJean Loucks is a Lindsborg, KS harpist who performs in north central Kansas, teaches, arranges, and composes music for the folk harp.

Soul Dance


Soul Dance


Ten original contemplative solo harp compositions in the keys of C, A minor, G, E minor and D (no lever changes within tunes). Intermediate playing level.

Now also available as a digital book (see downloads).

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Contents - click on each title to view score samples

Soul Dance, for the purpose of music is to make the soul dance
Celebration, a joyful Celtic-style lilt celebrating a successful medical outcome
Child of Joy, honoring a grandson
Contemplation, a meditative reflection
June Morning, tribute to a lovely early summer morn
Whippoorwill, a tune reminiscent of this songbird's trill
Music Box, the tune played by a favorite music box in my childhood
A Blessing for Isaac, written in honor of a grandson
Almost Home, during a difficult medical procedure, a ray of hope
Peace, the prayer offered in the final hours of my mother-in-law's life

My favorite new tunes are yours, especially ‘Celebration’ - wouldn’t that be a great processional?
— SL
I enjoy ‘Almost Home’ so much! Please know your music will be enjoyed around the world, and you will be with me as long as your music fills the air.
— KH